Version 1.15.0 compatible with, is it good idea?

Michael Tokarev mjt at
Fri May 6 20:07:46 UTC 2022

06.05.2022 21:55, Petr Menšík via Unbound-users wrote:
> I have already found libreswan does not expect such change and would not
> build with such version. Do you know about other users of unbound
> library, which might be affected? Do you know about any other attempt to
> keep ABI but update bugs or features? Has any other distribution solved
> such problem?

It looks like by now, (some) users of libunbound already expect the new
interface with extra parameter (maybe with an ifdef based on version),
and this change will break it on source level.

In debian we have everything building with the new API for quite some time, --
many packages use libunbound8 these days.


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