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Thu Jun 16 18:53:59 UTC 2022

Hello All,


We’re testing the Python module of the Unbound and we face a weird behavior :

We made a python script as a webfilter, nothing magic we just did an array with 5-6 domains to block for the test. The internal process of the script takes 50-60 msec to be done but the Unbound shows 6 sec, 20 sec and sometime higher in the log file.


We have verified the Unbound conf file and all seems correct and in the correct order.

The same test, with no python option in the conf (module-config: "validator iterator"), file gives correct latency about 5 msec (average) but it’s a disaster with that : module-config: "validator python iterator"


So our questions are :

How many python scripts are loaded with the Unbound service ?

Or maybe there is only one process ? that could explain timeouts on devices (2 sec. max with windows)

Do you know a trick to solve that issue ?


Any comments will be appreciated, thanks in advance 😊


PS : test is done with around 850 req/sec to simulate a production environment.


Best regards,

Bye Fred

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