Reload required when updating root.hints or root.key?

Sandro lists at
Wed Jun 22 20:22:04 UTC 2022


I am looking for some confirmation whether Unbound needs a reload after 
either root.hints or root.key are updated. Arch Wiki [1] seems to imply 
a reload is not required for root.hints.

What about root.key? Looking at unbound-anchor.service on my 
installation, which executes:

unbound-anchor -a /var/lib/unbound/root.key -c /etc/unbound 
/icannbundle.pem -f /etc/resolv.conf -R

seems to imply I can do without. Unless, of course, unbound-anchor 
issues a reload internally.

I searched through the archive of this list and spit through the 
documentation, but haven't found explicit confirmation.

I hope someone on this list can shed some light. Thanks a lot.


-- Sandro

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