Using stub-zones to create a "union" local subdomain?

David Madden unbound at
Sat Feb 26 22:49:32 UTC 2022

Thanks, Steven!

On 26-Feb-2022 14:37, Steven Wills wrote:
> why wouldn't you have a single Authoritative server and point Unbound
> at that? Then everything would just use that Authoritative server for
> name resolution. I recommend setting up an NSD server for
> Authoritative and pointing Unbound at it. Then set the Unbound
> server(s) as your DNS server(s) on all of your devices. That way you
> have a singular place for your DNS entries / a single place to
> query.
The problem is, I don't have a single place that knows all the names and 
addresses of the DHCP clients -- each router assigns IP addresses for 
its own WiFi and LAN segments.

I could have a subdomain for each router: "", 
"", but then I would have to know which router a 
client was connected to at any time, if I wanted to reach the client by 
name.  And if the client moves to a different router, its FQDN changes.

My goal is to be able to say "ping", and get the 
client's current IP address, no matter which router it's connected to.
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