Using stub-zones to create a "union" local subdomain?

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Forgive me if this over simplifies your issue, but why wouldn't you have a single Authoritative server and point Unbound at that? Then everything would just use that Authoritative server for name resolution. I recommend setting up an NSD server for Authoritative and pointing Unbound at it. Then set the Unbound server(s) as your DNS server(s) on all of your devices. That way you have a singular place for your DNS entries / a single place to query.

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> I have a network with several routed segments; the routers offer WiFi connections and assign DHCP addresses. IP connectivity works fine. Clients of a single router can reach each other by DNS name because the DHCP server (dnsmasq) maintains a local database of assigned names. However, clients of router-1 can't resolve names of clients attached to router-2 (unless they specifically ask router-2 for the name -- but clients generally don't know which router another client is connected to at the moment). All the routers point to an unbound server running at one router for their non-local resolution services. Is there a way to configure unbound to query multiple stub-zone servers (the routers) for names in a particular domain? I can provide multiple IPs in a stub-zone configuration block, but if unbound receives an NXDOMAIN from one router, it won't proceed to ask the other routers. What I think would work is a way to disregard NXDOMAIN from stub-zone servers. That way, if a client of r-1 asks for a client of r-2, unbound will query r1, r2, r3, ... and if any of them respond with an A record, the client can reach its peer. The alternative of setting up a local dynamic DNS server seems like a lot of work for this use case. Thanks, -- Mersenne Law · · +1-503-679-1671 Small Business, Startup and Intellectual Property Law 420 N.W. 11th Ave., Suite 814; Portland, Oregon 97209
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