Unbound stats -> unbound_munin_ + another monitoring system

Milan Jeskynka Kazatel KazatelM at seznam.cz
Wed Apr 10 13:32:40 UTC 2019

Hello community, 

I discovered my problem with counters reset after unbound-control stats 
command is triggered.

I set the Unbound configuration to statistic-cumulative: yes

I did more focus on Munin plugin, which stores .rrd files in type GAUGE. 
Then to uses Unbound option "statistics-cumulative: yes" it has to be 
defined in the plugin as type "COUNTER".

I achieve it to add the parameter in Munin plugin "unbound_munin_" in "p_

line 217 - 223

# print label and min 0 for a name $1 in unbound format

p_config ( ) {

mn=`echo $1 | sed $ABBREV | tr . _`

echo $mn.type COUNTER

echo $mn.label "$2"

echo $mn.min 0


This option can be checked by command:

#munin-run unbound_munin_by_type config

graph_title Unbound DNS queries by type

graph_args --base 1000 -l 0

graph_vlabel queries / second

graph_category DNS

n_q_t_A.type COUNTER

n_q_t_A.label A

n_q_t_A.min 0

graph_info queries by DNS RR type queried for

Is someone who can confirm my assumption that this modification should be 
functioning but unfortunately is not? Where I'm wrong?

Thanks in any advice, regards
Jeskyňka Kazatel

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Datum: 5. 4. 2019 14:40:52
Předmět: Unbound stats -> unbound_munin_ + another monitoring system 
Hello community,

I tried to monitor Unbound via unbound-control stats from two monitoring 
systems (munin, check_mk) even if then Unbound configuration is set to 


    statistics-interval: 0

    extended-statistics: yes

    statistics-cumulative: no

so counters are reset to 0 every command period. Munin (https://nlnetlabs.
nl/documentation/unbound/howto-statistics/) period is 5 minutes and check_mk
is every minute. Check_mk agent plugin uses the same philosophy to print 
counters from unbound-control stats. 

The problem is obvious, each check resets statistic counters to 0 and 
counters correlation are malformed in a given time period for each 
monitoring system.

Can someone advise me how to update munin plugin to load data from "
statistics-cumulative: yes" option?

Best regards, 
Jeskyňka Kazatel
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