Unbound stats -> unbound_munin_ + another monitoring system

Milan Jeskynka Kazatel KazatelM at seznam.cz
Fri Apr 5 12:40:52 UTC 2019

Hello community,

I tried to monitor Unbound via unbound-control stats from two monitoring 
systems (munin, check_mk) even if then Unbound configuration is set to 


    statistics-interval: 0

    extended-statistics: yes

    statistics-cumulative: no

so counters are reset to 0 every command period. Munin (https://nlnetlabs.
nl/documentation/unbound/howto-statistics/) period is 5 minutes and check_mk
is every minute. Check_mk agent plugin uses the same philosophy to print 
counters from unbound-control stats. 

The problem is obvious, each check resets statistic counters to 0 and 
counters correlation are malformed in a given time period for each 
monitoring system.

Can someone advise me how to update munin plugin to load data from "
statistics-cumulative: yes" option?

Best regards, 
Jeskyňka Kazatel
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