[RPKI] Routinator RTR stats

Robert Blayzor rblayzor.bulk at inoc.net
Thu Jun 30 13:54:17 UTC 2022

Interesting timing, I just opened a issue for this on Github for this 
very issue. We've seen this on the /status page for quite some time. It 
looks like the counter of the actual active connections is off by one.

On 6/29/22 19:08, Shawn Kleinart via RPKI wrote:
> I am testing Routinator, and noticed the RTR "Current Connections" value 
> is normally incorrect, low.  I only have 3 or 4 RTR sessions up at the 
> moment, but the value is often 1 or 2, and can be variable.  It also 
> varies from instance, with all instances having the same number of 
> sessions.  No other issues observed, RTR sessions are stable and 
> updating, everything else is in sync.

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