[RPKI] Routinator RTR stats

Shawn Kleinart skleinart at edg.io
Wed Jun 29 23:08:58 UTC 2022

I am testing Routinator, and noticed the RTR "Current Connections" value is
normally incorrect, low.  I only have 3 or 4 RTR sessions up at the moment,
but the value is often 1 or 2, and can be variable.  It also varies from
instance, with all instances having the same number of sessions.  No other
issues observed, RTR sessions are stable and updating, everything else is
in sync.

While on version 0.10.2 (single instance), I never noticed an incorrect RTR
connection value, it was stable at 3 then.  After updating to 0.11.2, I
began to notice.  Simply an observation, I haven't downgraded or otherwise
confirmed.  I have all 4 instances on 0.11.2 now, preparing for production
field testing.

Aside from this possible bug, it got me thinking about RTR in general...
Are there more detailed RTR stats to be found?
Can I list RTR sessions?  (within the app; aside from using something like
netstat - which correctly shows all of the established RTR connections)

Counting 'Cache Resets' might be a valuable feature.
Also not seeing logging of RTR sessions; I am using all defaults (warn
level), will test info level next... having RTR logs may also be a nice
feature, playing into the Cache Reset monitoring thought.


Shawn Kleinart
Edgio (formerly Limelight Networks)
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