[RPKI] Routinator and Bird becoming de-synchronized/protocol-error

sascha+routinator at pollok.net sascha+routinator at pollok.net
Wed Jul 20 09:23:27 UTC 2022

Hi Martin,

>> If I restart the rpki protocol on BIRD, it comes right back up but
>> keeps running into "protocol-error"s, reestablishing, protocol-error
>> and so on. I created a PCAP from this back and forth which my
>> Wireshark 3.6.6 has trouble dissecting parts of it. I can share the
>> PCAP if needed.
> Can you perchance have a quick look what Bird says the reason is?
> Either in Bird’s log (not sure if it logs anything related to that) or
> in the PCAP -- the RTR error response has a human-readable reason
> field. With a bit of luck, that might be enough to figure out what
> the issue is.
I have taken a look but couldn't find anything. The TCP stream also looks pretty okay 
until BIRD sends a FINand then RST repeatedly to which Routinator replies with ACK then 
comes the next RST, next ACK in reply and so forth unti the last RST and then 5s later the 
next connection comes up which ends up the same way after some data transferred.

Is someone willing to take a look the PCAP real quick as I am not able to figure out 
what's going on between the two. I would then share it.

Thank you so much!


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