[RPKI] Routinator and Bird becoming de-synchronized/protocol-error

Martin Hoffmann martin at nlnetlabs.nl
Wed Jul 20 09:47:35 UTC 2022

Hi Sascha!

sascha+routinator at pollok.net wrote:
> > Can you perchance have a quick look what Bird says the reason is?
> > Either in Bird’s log (not sure if it logs anything related to that)
> > or in the PCAP -- the RTR error response has a human-readable reason
> > field. With a bit of luck, that might be enough to figure out what
> > the issue is.  
> I have taken a look but couldn't find anything. The TCP stream also
> looks pretty okay until BIRD sends a FINand then RST repeatedly to
> which Routinator replies with ACK then comes the next RST, next ACK
> in reply and so forth unti the last RST and then 5s later the next
> connection comes up which ends up the same way after some data
> transferred.

Wireshark can speak RTR if you "Decode as" the TCP stream as
"RPKI-Router Protocol".

But I can also have a look if you prefer - just mail the PCAP to me at
martin at nlnetlabs.nl.


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