[RPKI] Routinator and Bird becoming de-synchronized/protocol-error

Martin Hoffmann martin at nlnetlabs.nl
Wed Jul 20 08:26:09 UTC 2022

Hi Sascha!

> I have a setup of Routinator 0.10.2 talking RTR to BIRD v2.0.8 (yes -
> both not recent but upgrading is sometimes complicated). I have run
> into a problem where BIRD sometimes has far too litle ROAs in its
> RPKI table but the connection is up and alive. Another BIRD talking
> to the same Routinator has the full ROA dump so I think the database
> on Routinator is fine.

I am not aware of any issues with RTR in Routinator 0.10.2 (which,
obviously doesn’t mean there aren’t any).
> If I restart the rpki protocol on BIRD, it comes right back up but
> keeps running into "protocol-error"s, reestablishing, protocol-error
> and so on. I created a PCAP from this back and forth which my
> Wireshark 3.6.6 has trouble dissecting parts of it. I can share the
> PCAP if needed.

Can you perchance have a quick look what Bird says the reason is?
Either in Bird’s log (not sure if it logs anything related to that) or
in the PCAP -- the RTR error response has a human-readable reason
field. With a bit of luck, that might be enough to figure out what
the issue is.


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