[RPKI] Krill not publishing ROAs for RIPE prefixes

Christopher Munz-Michielin christopher at ve7alb.ca
Thu Jul 8 19:05:52 UTC 2021

Hi All,

Got a weird issue with Krill and publishing RIPE ROAs. Background:  We 
have been running Krill with 1 RIPE, 2 ARIN and 1 APNIC parents for the 
better part of a year without issue, but yesterday we started receiving 
reports that all our RIPE ROAs had been dropped, indeed when I look at 
this does appear to be the case.

I have verified all the ROA's exist via the Krill API as well as in the 
GUI.  So far I have tried restarting Krill, Deleting and re-adding some 
ROAs, as well as deleting the delegation from RIPE and re-creating it 
all to no avail.  I'm at the point where I'm getting ready to blow the 
whole setup away and rebuild from scratch, but figured I would reach out 
here first to see if anyone has a suggestion to recover from this weird 

Version of krill is 0.8.2 on ubuntu 20.04 installed from the package 
manager.  No other RIR's seem to be effected by this.

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