[RPKI] Changing RPKI state

Moritz Müller moritz.muller at sidn.nl
Thu Feb 25 13:39:06 UTC 2021

Hi Luuk,

Thanks for pointing me to rpki.today.
That helps a lot with debugging.

And I wasn’t aware that VRPs are that “unstable”.

> Perhaps you find https://rpki.today useful here: it's a tool we made to
> get insights in exactly those (dis)appearings. As you can see, in the last
> 24 hours, 317 new VRPs appeared under ARIN, 202 under RIPE NCC, etc.

In my case, I see 22,189 prefixes at 11:00 AM UTC that I haven’t seen tonight at 2:00 am.
21991 of which are at the arin TA.

> Assuming you don't spot obvious errors with regards to connectivity to
> repository servers in your logs, my guess is you are simply seeing the
> same differences as listed on rpki.today. Which, again, are perfectly
> normal and a sign that adoption of RPKI is increasing.

I do see two, I believe, noteworthy errors in the logs though:

RRDP hash mismatch in local file .rsync://.rpki.arin.net./.repository./.arin-rpki-ta/5e4a23ea-e80a-403e-b08c-2171da2157d3/f60c9f32-a87c-4339-a2f3-6299a3b02e29/51446bec-6773-47fb-9bf6-b260de4b6968/51446bec-6773-47fb-9bf6-b260de4b6968.mft.

RRDP hash mismatch in local file rsync://rpki.afrinic.net/repository./ member_repository/F36FBB68/DEFB17F0767311EBBA1F686DF8AEA228/DRUACGUUibpRRLPxfr7M37lFZAs.mft

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