[RPKI] Routinator 0.8.2-rc1 released

Martin Hoffmann martin at nlnetlabs.nl
Mon Dec 7 11:21:01 UTC 2020

Hi Chris!

Chris Caputo via RPKI wrote:
> 0.8.2-rc1 is now running at the SeattleIX.

First, thank you for testing the release candidate!

> With 0.8.1:
>    1618 afrinic
>   62023 apnic
>   19149 arin
>   11915 lacnic
>  110711 ripe
> With 0.8.2-rc1:
>    1618 afrinic
>   62531 apnic
>   19149 arin
>   11917 lacnic
>  110711 ripe
> The lacnic change may just have been an update, while the apnic count 
> change is dramatic.

I had a quick look at our own graphs. Currently they show
62,506 v. 62,589 VRPs for the APNIC region (These include duplicates;
there seem to be about 80 duplicates). This difference has been 83 VRPs
ever since I updated one server to the release candidate on Friday.

It seems correct, too: looking at the log, there are three CAs in the
CNNIC repository that have ROAs rejected which would have been dropped
fully under the 0.8.1 rules. These three CAs produce 83 VRPs in the
0.8.2 data set.

I’m not sure where your much lower number for 0.8.1 comes from. If you
still have the log, perhaps you can have a look? Maybe some updates
failed temporarily? 

> Unsure if related, but I noticed that first-run (empty ~/.rpki-cache)
> took about 4 minutes with 0.8.1 but with 0.8.2-rc1 a first run took
> ~12.5 minutes.  I emptied ~/.rpki-cache again and a second fresh
> attempt took ~9.25 minutes.  (subsequent runs with a non-fresh
> ~/.rpki-cache took anywhere from 67 to 72 seconds.)

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