[nsd-users] How to "debug" REFUSED for notify request

Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at yandex.ru
Fri Oct 19 04:19:41 UTC 2018

** Anand Buddhdev [2018-10-18 16:15:18 +0200]:

> On 18/10/2018 15:15, Vladimir Lomov wrote:
> Hi Vladimir,
>> Until I added additional IPv6 addresses (one additional for each host)
>> this setup worked well. After I added second IPv6 address I see errors
>> on primary host:
>> -------------------- 8< -------------------- 8< ------------------------
>> "xfrd: zone ZONE: received notify response error REFUSED from [IPV6]"
>> -------------------- 8< -------------------- 8< ------------------------
> If you have 2 IPv6 addresses on the same interface on the primary, then
> the NOTIFY message over IPv6 may be originating from the wrong IPv6
> address. See below.
>> How I could "debug" this "REFUSED" error?
>> This is configuration for primary host:
>> -------------------- 8< -------------------- 8< ------------------------
>> server:
>>   server-count:   1
>>   ip-address:
>>   ip-address:     2a0a:2b40::4:140
> NSD binds to this address for answering queries, but when it
> *originates* a NOTIFY message, it does not use this address. It may be
> using the other address. See below for how to solve it.
>>   ip-transparent: yes
>>   identity:       "VL-LOMOV domain master DNS"
>>   zonesdir:       "/etc/nsd"
>> zone:
>>   name:         "vl-lomov.ru"
>>   zonefile:     "vl-lomov.ru.forward"
>>   notify:             NOKEY
>>   provide-xfr:             NOKEY
>>   notify:        2a01:4f8:c0c:14c9::2      NOKEY
> Add "outgoing-interface: 2a0a:2b40::4:140" here. This allows NSD to send
> NOTIFY messages from the address that the secondary is expecting.

I already thought about "strange" situation when NSD runs on host with
two IPv6 but didn't take into account that it can use different outgoing
interface than the notify address.

Thank you for your help.

> Regards,
> Anand

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

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