[nsd-users] How to "debug" REFUSED for notify request

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Thu Oct 18 14:15:18 UTC 2018

On 18/10/2018 15:15, Vladimir Lomov wrote:

Hi Vladimir,

> Until I added additional IPv6 addresses (one additional for each host)
> this setup worked well. After I added second IPv6 address I see errors
> on primary host:
> -------------------- 8< -------------------- 8< ------------------------
> "xfrd: zone ZONE: received notify response error REFUSED from [IPV6]"
> -------------------- 8< -------------------- 8< ------------------------

If you have 2 IPv6 addresses on the same interface on the primary, then
the NOTIFY message over IPv6 may be originating from the wrong IPv6
address. See below.

> How I could "debug" this "REFUSED" error?
> This is configuration for primary host:
> -------------------- 8< -------------------- 8< ------------------------
> server:
>   server-count:   1
>   ip-address:
>   ip-address:     2a0a:2b40::4:140

NSD binds to this address for answering queries, but when it
*originates* a NOTIFY message, it does not use this address. It may be
using the other address. See below for how to solve it.

>   ip-transparent: yes
>   identity:       "VL-LOMOV domain master DNS"
>   zonesdir:       "/etc/nsd"
> zone:
>   name:         "vl-lomov.ru"
>   zonefile:     "vl-lomov.ru.forward"
>   notify:             NOKEY
>   provide-xfr:             NOKEY
>   notify:        2a01:4f8:c0c:14c9::2      NOKEY

Add "outgoing-interface: 2a0a:2b40::4:140" here. This allows NSD to send
NOTIFY messages from the address that the secondary is expecting.


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