multiple IP

Steve McInerney subs-nsd at
Fri Apr 15 21:09:08 UTC 2005

Use the -a option for nsd itself.

man nsd
-a ip-address
             Listen to the specified ip-address.  The ip-address must be
specified in numeric format (using the standard IPv4 or IPv6 notation).
 This flag can be specified multiple times to listen to multiple IP
addresses.  If this flag is not specified NSD listens to all IP addresses.

This is how I achieve exactly what you're talking about.
Add it to flags in nsdc.conf as a permanent change.


- Steve

Dany V. wrote:
> I've been using NSD for 2 years now, since 1.2.  I've recently set-up a new name server using the latest NSD.  I couldn't find any documentation or message in the mailing list archive regarding multi-homing system.
> Basicly, I have a system which is use as a router and a name server.  One is the IP address of the box as a gateway, the other will be use as the IP address of the name server.  The reason I'm not using the same IP for both is that when I move the name server function to a different box, I can simply move the IP to a different box and I won't have to do any modification in my zone.
> With that said, is there a way to tell NSD to listen and reply on one interface and not the other?  Currently, if I dig @server, the reply comes back through the first ip address, and not the secondary.

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