multiple IP

Dany V. danyv at
Fri Apr 15 20:52:02 UTC 2005

I've been using NSD for 2 years now, since 1.2.  I've recently set-up a new name server using the latest NSD.  I couldn't find any documentation or message in the mailing list archive regarding multi-homing system.

Basicly, I have a system which is use as a router and a name server.  One is the IP address of the box as a gateway, the other will be use as the IP address of the name server.  The reason I'm not using the same IP for both is that when I move the name server function to a different box, I can simply move the IP to a different box and I won't have to do any modification in my zone.

With that said, is there a way to tell NSD to listen and reply on one interface and not the other?  Currently, if I dig @server, the reply comes back through the first ip address, and not the secondary.

Dany V.

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