[Dnssec-trigger] Dnssec-Trigger and MacOSX 10.8.3

W.C.A. Wijngaards wouter at nlnetlabs.nl
Wed Sep 18 08:06:25 UTC 2013

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Hi Bright Star,

In the file you downloaded to install, the dmg, there is an uninstall
script.  You can download the dmg again if you removed it.
Doubleclick on the uninstall script and it uninstalls dnssec-trigger.

If you want to use unbound without dnssec-trigger, perhaps you can use
unbound from macports?

On 09/18/2013 08:47 AM, Bry8 Star wrote:
> Hi, dnssectrigger-0.11.dmg was installed on (a user's) MacOSX
> 10.8.3. This Mac has Firefox. Firefox has two extensions : (1)
> DNSSEC Validator, (2) Extended DNSSEC Validator. (1) is configured
> to use CZ.NIC's/OARC's remote DNSSEC servers. (2) is configured to
> use extension's own internal default DNSSEC server. (that is, i did
> not specify any custom DNS-server in its DNS configuration box).
> DnssecTrigger has changed system's default DNS settings and placed 
> inside it, so Network Adapter's DNS settings now showing 
> as DNS-Server.
> Apps which use system's DNS settings, are not able to access 
> internet sites.

It should have worked, I wonder why, this would need debugging with
setting verbosity in the dnssec-trigger.conf and unbound.conf higher
and looking in the system logs.  But if you do not want to use it,
then, the easiest is to manually compile and install unbound.

Best regards,

> Visiting to any websites via Firefox has also stopped working.
> I changed FF extension (1) and (2) settings both, and specified 
> inside them, but did not work. (could not visit
> websites, dns-resolving did not work).
> When i changed system's DNS settings into local router's
> IP-Address, for example,, then all started to work
> back.
> I want to disable DnssecTrigger portion only, and enable/use only 
> "Unbound" resolver portion in Mac OSX, how do i do that ?  Since i 
> want to disable DnssecTrigger portion, i also want to remove the 
> DnssecTrigger icon from top bar.
> And i also want to know how do i uninstall the full dnssectrigger 
> package ?
> Thanks in advance, -- Bright Star.
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