[Dnssec-trigger] Dnssec-Trigger and MacOSX 10.8.3

Bry8 Star bry8star at inventati.org
Wed Sep 18 06:47:34 UTC 2013

dnssectrigger-0.11.dmg was installed on (a user's) MacOSX 10.8.3.
This Mac has Firefox. Firefox has two extensions : (1) DNSSEC
Validator, (2) Extended DNSSEC Validator.
(1) is configured to use CZ.NIC's/OARC's remote DNSSEC servers.
(2) is configured to use extension's own internal default DNSSEC
server. (that is, i did not specify any custom DNS-server in its DNS
configuration box).

DnssecTrigger has changed system's default DNS settings and placed inside it, so Network Adapter's DNS settings now showing as DNS-Server.

Apps which use system's DNS settings, are not able to access
internet sites.

Visiting to any websites via Firefox has also stopped working.

I changed FF extension (1) and (2) settings both, and specified inside them, but did not work. (could not visit websites,
dns-resolving did not work).

When i changed system's DNS settings into local router's IP-Address,
for example,, then all started to work back.

I want to disable DnssecTrigger portion only, and enable/use only
"Unbound" resolver portion in Mac OSX, how do i do that ?  Since i
want to disable DnssecTrigger portion, i also want to remove the
DnssecTrigger icon from top bar.

And i also want to know how do i uninstall the full dnssectrigger
package ?

Thanks in advance,
-- Bright Star.

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