[Dnssec-trigger] Issues with dnssec-trigger 0.11 on OSX Lion

Michael Renner robe at amd.co.at
Fri Jun 29 13:49:34 UTC 2012


first - thanks for the work on dnssec-trigger so far, I used it for some days but removed it again because of these outstanding issues:

Adium online-detection code:

Adium will only automatically connect to servers on system resume/boot if it thinks that it's online. dnssec-trigger interferes with this which means that I always have to connect manually.

No way to quit/disable:

There's no way to disable dnssec-trigger at the moment - quitting the tray icon causes it to restart after a few seconds. Killing the process manually results in the same. I had to uninstall it to get non-dnssec-trigger DNS again.

Unconfirmed - seems to interfere with mDNS/avahi resolution:

I noticed that I couldn't resolve local mDNS hostnames via their non-FQDN names anymore. If need be I can look deeper into this.

On the plus side - hotspot login worked as intended and I didn't notice any issues during normal daily use - thanks!

all the best,

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