understanding outbound-msg-retry feature

ashok athukuri athukuriashok at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 17:38:12 UTC 2022

Hello All,

I am exploring the outbound-msg-retry feature, here are my setup details:

*Machine#1*: running unbound application and used as client machine used
for dig queries
*Machine#2*: where named running and are having records. kept as *forward-addr: *in conf

Here is my *unbound.conf:*
        # The number of retries when a non-positive response is received.
        *outbound-msg-retry: 5*
        name: "."
#       forward-addr: at 5355  # forward to port 5355.
#       forward-first: no
#       forward-tcp-upstream: no
#       forward-tls-upstream: no
#       forward-no-cache: no
# forward-zone:
#       name: "example.org"
#       forward-host: fwd.example.com

*here is how I tested:*
on machine#1 ran command *#*dig @ mx.dnstest.com MX
My expectation is I should see 5 outgoing queries from Machine#1 to
Machine#2 as Machine#2 send Serve fail as a response

*Test Result*:
I see more than 5 outgoing msgs/queries (I see 9 msgs/queries) on Machine#1
This behavior I am not able to understand with definition. I expect only 5
msgs to Machine#2

outbound-msg-retry: *<number>*
            The number of retries Unbound will do in case of  a  non  positive
            response is received. If a forward nameserver is used, this is the
            number of retries per forward nameserver in case of throwaway  re-

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