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Jan Komissar (jkomissa) jkomissa at cisco.com
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Hi all,

I think a non-positive reply is any reply that is not directly related to the DNS query itself. NOERROR and NXDOMAIN are (positive) responses that are directly related, as they answer the query. All other response codes are related to other circumstances, such as network issues, ACLs, misconfigurations, and misformatted packets.



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As per https://nlnetlabs.nl/documentation/unbound/unbound.conf/

outbound-msg-retry: <number>

            The number of retries Unbound will do in case of  a  non  positive

            response is received. If a forward nameserver is used, this is the

            number of retries per forward nameserver in case of throwaway  re-

what is "non positive" response here SERVFAIL or NXDOMAIN or BOTH?

I have not read the code in this instance but I would normally interpret "non-positive response" to mean "RCODE is not NOERROR".

(There is a particular kind of response which is considered negative in some circumstances where RCODE == NOERROR and the answer section is empty, but I do not think this is one of those circumstances.)


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