DNSTAP Arch Linux

Ahrar Ahmad Khan ahrar.ahmed at inara.pk
Mon Mar 22 05:21:45 UTC 2021


I am running unbound 13.1 on arch linux 5.11.7. I have insalled unbound with DNSTAP enable. i had also installed dnstap from the following
$ go get -u -v github.com/dnstap/golang-dnstap
$ go get -u -v github.com/dnstap/golang-dnstap/dnstap

When ever i run "go/bin/dnstap -u /etc/unbound/dnstap.sock" and reload unbound services it works and i am seeing the clients and resolver queries.
but when dnstap is not listening to the socket file i am seeing the following in unbound log

[411:3] error: dnstap io: failed to connect to "/dnstap.sock": Connection refused

Is it intentional for something to listen on the socket for unbound to not refuse connection?


Ahrar Ahmad Khan
System Engineer
Inara Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
Phone : +92(334)8462863


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