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Raman, Sankar sraman at
Fri Mar 12 08:51:18 UTC 2021


I am integrating unbound 1.13.0 in our opewrt based product for DNS, SRV and Inverse PTR queries. I am using ub_resolve_async() for queries and processing responses from ub_result via the callback. I have following questions in this regard:

  1.  For SRV response, the data[] in ub_result contains list of (port, protocol, priority, weight and host dname) (data[] also has the dname for PTR Answer). Is the dname in result->data[] always given in only uncompressed form or can also contain compressed form?

  1.  If compressed form can also be present, then what API to use to convert the dname to normal name string?

  1.  If uncompressed only then what is the appropriate API to use - sldns_write2str_dname() or dname_str()?

  1.  And what is the difference between sldns_write2str_dname() or dname_str()?


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