Windows: Rotating the log file

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Wed Jan 13 14:20:49 UTC 2021

Having installed a syslog server on my system and as far as I can tell its working in itself. What I cannot find out is where unbound it trying to send messages to. At this point in time it would appear to be the event log which is not what I was expecting use_syslog I would have expected it to go to the local system UDP/TCP on port 514 but that does not seem to be happening.

It is not at all helpful to clutter up the eventlog Administrative events with a whole load of unbound error messages (these come from "REFUSED" lookups.

Thinking about this further I would perhaps have expected to see some form of configuration as to where to send syslog messages but again I have found no useful information.

So I have to say at this time the windows implementation writing to a physical file seems to be the best option.

Perhaps Jaap can shed some light on how syslog is supposed to work on windows and what I can do to facilitate rotating log files given that most of what I have tried and has been suggested has not resulted in a positive outcome.


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> I took a look at some of those offerings and there does not seem to be 
> a "free" one at all. They all want money and at £100 or there abouts, 
> that's a bit too much just to get unbound's logging to rotate neatly.
> I did try and install one and from what I understand, I comment the "# 
> logfile:" entry and enable the "use-syslog: yes" and it should all 
> work. But I had no luck in getting this to function as it should.

Perhaps consider whether Windows is the best platform to be running unbound on?


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