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Thank you for pointing me at those options, they seem to have helped with one of the issues at least:
infra-keep-probing: yes
infra-host-ttl: 20
I can now switch networks between wifi, 4g and onto other wifi networks and maintain dns resolution!

I also seem to have found the issue of DNS not working after a upstream Internet failure, looks like my public IP address changes everytime my device reboots, therefore the tls tunnel my phone is trying to hold on to no longer exists, disabling privateDNS and renenabling it again is all that seems to be needed to fix it, luckily its not something that happens too often and $15 for a static IP I think I can live with it as is.


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> Hi all,
> I have just installed unbound on win10 as a simple DOT caching resolver. Although it seems to be working very well, there seems to be stability issues. For example yesterday I had to reboot my Internet router, once the router was back online, and Internet was restored, my DNS queries did not work on any of my home network, I had to restart the unbound service before it would work again. Today when I left home where DNS was working fine and I came into my office DNS also did not work. I had to restart the service again and it started working. I tested another device that had never previously used this DNS server, also would not work until the service was restarted
> I am exposing my DNS sever to the internet and have my Android device configured to use it as a private DNS server by host name pointing to my public IP. I turned up logging level but nothing really seems relevant to me.
> Any ideas on what may be causing this?
> regards
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