Improving stability on Windows

Aimee Miln flamerrr at
Mon Feb 8 22:41:44 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I have just installed unbound on win10 as a simple DOT caching resolver. Although it seems to be working very well, there seems to be stability issues. For example yesterday I had to reboot my Internet router, once the router was back online, and Internet was restored, my DNS queries did not work on any of my home network, I had to restart the unbound service before it would work again. Today when I left home where DNS was working fine and I came into my office DNS also did not work. I had to restart the service again and it started working. I tested another device that had never previously used this DNS server, also would not work until the service was restarted

I am exposing my DNS sever to the internet and have my Android device configured to use it as a private DNS server by host name pointing to my public IP. I turned up logging level but nothing really seems relevant to me.

Any ideas on what may be causing this?

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