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Koos Pol koos2020 at
Sun Feb 7 19:44:10 UTC 2021

Op 07-02-2021 om 19:40 schreef Eric Luehrsen via Unbound-users:
> On 2/7/21 11:50 AM, Koos Pol via Unbound-users wrote:
>> Thanks for the suggestion. But that's basically getting back to fixed 
>> IP addresses, albeit centralized. And you need to maintain it. I'm 
>> hoping for an /etc/resolv kind of behavioral switch.
> You can implement Tito's recommendations with a DHCP hook script. All 
> DHCP servers have one. This will keep maintenance to a minimum. If 
> static IP are handled through DHCP, then those should be recorded 
> also. You can write a file like "dhcp.conf" and include it in 
> /etc/unbound/unbound.conf. However to prevent restarting Unbound 
> frequently, you also should use unbound-control to insert 
> "local-data:" Assume Unbound is a pure recursive resolver even though 
> it does have a few extras. It will not append search or default domain 
> to a host name query. It won't have other assumptions or shortcuts 
> like dnsmasq or windows client.
> Example from OpenWrt: 
> (
> - Eric

Thanks Eric. Apparently I'm being too naive how this all can work. But 
guilty as charged, DNS is not particularly my comfort zone. I'll see how 
I can make that work for my setup.

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