Centos 7 Unbound 1.9.4 statistics-cumulative: yes type

Milan Jeskynka Kazatel KazatelM at seznam.cz
Mon Jun 29 09:46:57 UTC 2020


could someone clarify to me if it's possible to modify statistics-cumulative
 counter parameters to the bigger representative number type?

In my case, the counter seems to be potentially overloaded in a while. 
Approximate traffic is 100 000 queries/min.

I had to by monitoring reasons update unbound.conf variable statistics-
cumulative to "yes"

My monitoring systems use an unbound-control stats command to represents all
unbound counters in 1 minute period.

Could you please mention for me the size of a set of these counters?

Many thanks for any response, 
Smil Milan Jeskyňka Kazatel
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