unbound asks for A record, when txt requested

B. Cook bcook at poughkeepsieschools.org
Thu Sep 12 19:00:24 UTC 2019

I apologize in advance for the disclaimer that gets attached to my
outbound email..


tl;dr: Unbound is fine, it's Sophos..

We also have Sophos here, and sophos does a txt lookup for each url
your users are visiting.

It's some sort of 'web filter' option on Sophos..

my 0.02

I find Sophos to be a terrible product for us.. I can't recall it
actually stopping anything or being able to clean anything..

This is how I dealt with that..

local-zone: "sophosxl.net" refuse
local-data: 'sophosxl.net. TXT "Served from"'


unbound logs @glot

 host -t txt 3.1o19sr00n1360n34p37499pqr8o552qs855pq81p68713n35r649770nq4qp5n2.116p5r741p936393648s247p01n84noqq0oq6s5r26o4r40022qs29603rro0n7.r9074nqr24s1qo654o3pp76q82922p07np.nr1p4618o93s63o3or8r812008np292oqr505169.i.00.s.sophosxl.net.

gives an answer..

"x c"



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