August West admin at shalmirane.com
Thu Oct 24 15:24:26 UTC 2019

    Sure enough, that did the trick. Thank you!

I was aware of tcp-upstream, and had tried it several times, but there were
multiple things that could block the connection, and I suspect I never had all
of the right at the same time.

I was confused by the description of tcp-upstream, it seems to indicate that if
yes it will always use TCP, whereas if no it can use either TCP or UDP, so
I thought it was okay to leave it set to no. Now I think I understand it better.
If set to no then UDP is always used except for TLS connections.  Thus, I needed
tcp-upstream set to yes because my SSH connection was not configured to use TLS.
Once I got it running without TLS I managed to get it running with TLS and now
I no longer need tcp-upstream to be set anymore.

I would not have gotten any of this to work without your help, so again, thanks.

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