forward-zone not working

John Schmerold schmerold2 at
Wed Nov 20 22:35:22 UTC 2019

I am using Unbound  as a local resolver, using OpenDNS to filter 
requests via: forward-zone: name: . forward-addr: 

When OpenDNS blocks a site, for example, I send 
the TLD to Google like this:
forward-zone: name: forward-addr:

Everything works fine -- most of the time, however this morning I 
couldn't resolve because the filter choked on
C:\>dig +short

I ended up solving the problem by adding,, & to my list of forward zones. Is there a way to tell 
Unbound to let handle the entire query in this situation?

My service.conf:
/server: verbosity: 3 directory: "c:\\Utility\unbound" 
do-ip6: no logfile: unbound.log tls-win-cert: yes access-control: allow access-control: allow
remote-control: control-enable: no
server: auto-trust-anchor-file: root.key

forward-zone: name: forward-addr:
forward-zone: name: forward-addr: ///
forward-zone: name: . forward-addr: forward-addr:


John Schmerold
Katy Computer Systems, Inc
St Louis

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