Options: prefetch and python module

Eduard Ahmatgareev e.ahmatgareev at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 17:19:48 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I got a question regarding option: prefetch yes
We use  python module for add specific domain to pass the traffic over our
servers. I found that option: prefetch was enabled in our infra, and from
time to time we had an issue with rule inside firewall which was created
over python module
My question is:
does python-module call when prefetch is enabled?

from documentation I found:

prefetch: *<yes* *or* *no>*
              If yes, message cache elements are prefetched before they expire
              to keep the cache up to date.  Default is  no.   Turning  it  on
              gives about 10 percent more traffic and load on the machine, but
              popular items do not expire from the cache.

and looks like in our configuration we have an issue with section:
MODULE_EVENT_MODDONE which is not calls when prefetch enabled

Is it true?
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