Query log coverage

Darren S. phatbuckett at gmail.com
Mon May 6 22:09:35 UTC 2019

Is there a simple way in Unbound to output a query log for each client
query to the resolver? Looking for:

- All cache hits
- All cache misses
- Inclusion of client IP address and query source port

Was looking at `verbosity` option but understood it to indicate that
only level 5 logs client info, and only cache misses in that case. I
have a very low volume deployment and the overhead of query logging
shouldn't be an issue, but it would be ideal if we didn't have to deal
with level 5 logging in the output.

Hoping to avoid dnstap for now as would prefer to stay with native OS
package and no additional dependencies.

Darren Spruell
phatbuckett at gmail.com

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