regression in 1.8.x from 1.7.3

Andreas Pflug pgadmin at
Wed Jan 9 10:40:24 UTC 2019

Hi Wouter,

Am 08.01.19 um 09:38 schrieb Wouter Wijngaards via Unbound-users:
> Hi Andreas,
> On 12/29/18 12:29 PM, Andreas Pflug via Unbound-users wrote:
>> I'm running unbound as resolver on routers for some years now, with some
>> local domain overrides. On the router, bind912 is installed as secondary
>> authoritative server for the local zones serving on port 5053, so the
>> unbound config has "do-not-query-localhost: no" and the appropriate
>> forward zones to at 5053.
>> This setup worked like a charm up to unbound 1.7.3. After upgrading to
>> 1.8.1 /1.8.2, the unbound process will stop resolving local domains from
>> the override after some minutes. Older requests are served correctly
>> from cache, but newer ones are queried from upstream, which fails of
>> course with an unknown TLD. flushing the local domain, all following
>> requests will go upstream. Nothing is logged.
>> Restarting the unbound process will heal the situation for some minutes,
>> but then the problem rises again. Replacing the unbound binary with the
>> 1.7.3 version fixes the problem.
> I don't see what change in 1.8.0 would create the problem.  New defaults
> in 1.8.0 enable harden-below-nxdomain and minimal-responses.  Turning
> those off changes behaviour?
See below...
> Can you run with verbosity high (4 or 5) and then you would have logs.
> That should explain why it is going to the upstream.

I did so, and brought the firewall to its knees. The CPU went to nearly
800% (8 core C3758) and would stay there. With verbosity down to 3,
unbound will use a low one-digit percentage.

> Also your config.  The forward-zone to the local bind server, is not
> called a local-zone (local-zone is a term coined for static data or
> special processing that is performed before the cache is checked or
> resolution is performed by Unbound).  Disable forward-first, if it was
> enabled.  Disable stub-prime (if it was a stub-zone, really, that would
> have picked up the NS records, likely from qname minimisation(?) and
> then go to those upstream servers instead of the localhost ?).

The config is mostly generated by OpnSense, didn't touch that.

After I failed that miserably to enable proper logging, I tried some
stuff (ip6), and found that actually just setting harden-below-nxdomain
to no will prevent the failure.


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