Different reply for different source addresses

Юрий Иванов format_hub at outlook.com
Mon Dec 30 18:44:17 UTC 2019


I have very strange question.
I have DNS name srv1.example.com with private IP, and the same name with public routable address.
Generally srv1.example.com  has two A records with private and public addresses. Such records will exists on cache only.

Can I reply to specific networks (lets say with public routable address but for my private networks (i.e. 10/8 or 192.168/16) with private IP

I think two approaches can be used for this:

  1.  Drop/Accept with the help of firewall filter (looks like it can be low performance)
  2.  Create Public IP on NSD server and overide this FQDN with private IP on Unbound

But maybe unbound has such built-in features for this or another better way.

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