libevent and libexpat not found

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Sun Oct 28 23:48:44 UTC 2018

You don’t need the ld.conf.d file, as /usr/lib64 should already be covered by the base ld.conf file (anyways, expects directories, not files).

For configure, either drop the “=“ part altogether (eg, just —with-libevent) or use —with-libevent=/usr as it expects a prefix.

On Oct 28, 2018, 4:22 PM -0500, Adam Gold via Unbound-users <unbound-users at>, wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm running Centos 7.5 with a 4.19.elrepo kernel and am trying to
> compile Unbound 1.8.1. My configure options are:
> ./configure --with-libevent=/usr/lib64/
> --with-libexpat=/usr/lib64/ --enable-checking
> --enable-static-exe --enable-lock-checks --enable-alloc-checks
> --with-conf-file=/var/spool/postfix/usr/lib/unbound/unbound.conf
> --with-pidfile=/var/spool/postfix/usr/lib/unbound/
> --with-run-dir=/var/spool/postfix/usr/lib/unbound
> --with-chroot-dir=/var/spool/postfix/usr/lib/unbound
> --with-rootkey-file=/var/spool/postfix/usr/lib/unbound/root.key
> --with-rootcert-file=/var/spool/postfix/usr/lib/unbound/ --disable-gost
> The specific problem I'm having is getting it to recognize libevent and
> libexpat (I have installed the header files, expat-devel and
> libevent-devel as well as the core files). The messages I get are:
> 1) for libevent: 'configure: error: Cannot find the libevent library in
> /usr/lib64/'
> 2) for libexpat: 'configure: error: Could not find libexpat, expat.h'
> Also, based on a message board, I saved a file in /etc/
> called usr-local.conf and wrote /usr/lib64/ and
> /usr/lib64/ I then saved and entered 'ldconfig' into the
> terminal and pressed enter. There was no change though.
> Have I got the names of the libevent and libexpat library files correct?
> Where else can I be looking to fix this (FYI, I have 1.8.1 up and
> running with Debian). While I understand these two libraries are not
> essential I've experienced markedly improved performance with them in
> the past so I'd like to try and keep them.
> Any and all thoughts are most welcome.
> (P.S. I went back to March in the archives looking for information on
> this but didn't find any. My luck the answer will be on the page,
> crystal clear in February).
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