auth-zone zonefile and chroot

Simon Deziel simon+unbound at
Sat Oct 20 01:04:59 UTC 2018


I noticed that if an auth-zone is used together with a chroot, the
zonefile parameter isn't stripped from the chroot prefix. This config
will throw "unbound: [50882:0] error: could not open
/var/unbound/db/root.tmp50882: No such file or directory":

    chroot: "/var/unbound"

    name: "."
    zonefile: "/var/unbound/db/root"
    master: 2001:500:2f::f
    for-downstream: no

Changing zonefile to "/db/root" works around this issue. Since other
parameters like auto-trust-anchor-file seem to work with or without the
chroot prefix I think it would be nice if zonefile would behave in the
same way.


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