Ubuntu/Python module _unboundmodule missing

Snitch Ashor admin at brgf.de
Mon Oct 8 14:36:07 UTC 2018

Hi Wouter, 

I already narrowed it down to be a python3 (in my case 3.6 issue). If I
configure unbound the exact same way except using PYTHON_VERSION=2.7
everything works as intended. If I build it using Python3 the first
method that is used from _unboundmodule (in my case
_unboundmodule.dnameAsStr(dname)) fails. 

This is how I configure it: 

./configure --with-libevent --disable-static --with-ssl
--sysconfdir=/etc/unbound --with-conf-file=/etc/unbound/unbound.conf
--with-pidfile=/var/run/unbound.pid --enable-pie --enable-systemd
--enable-subnet --enable-event-api --enable-dnscrypt --enable-cachedb
--enable-ipsecmod --with-pyunbound --with-pythonmodule
PKG_CONFIG="/usr/bin/pkg-config" --prefix=/usr PYTHON_VERSION=2.7 

As a side note: starting from 1.8.1 systemd integration works like a
charm, thanks! 



Am 2018-10-08 16:05, schrieb Wouter Wijngaards via Unbound-users:

> Hi Daniel,
> This module is built-into the unbound executable by the compile, and it
> is fetched at that time by the python start routines.  That is why it is
> not built separately.  The python module needs a python script to load,
> and that is something you configure in unbound.conf.
> Could it be some sort of version issue in Python (compile vs run-time)
> that causes it to not load the symbols from the executable and search
> for them externally?
> Best regards, Wouter
> On 10/6/18 3:55 PM, Snitch Ashor via Unbound-users wrote: 
>> I'm tryin to get unbound with the python module running on Ubuntu 18.04
>> LTS. The version from the ubuntu repository (1.6 7) works fine without
>> the python module.. The package python-unbound provides unboundmodule.py
>> under dist-packages however _unboundmodule(.so?!?) is missing. Same if i
>> compile it, unboundmodule.py is created _unboundmodule is missing. Any
>> Ideas?
>> I had a look at the makefile and it seems that part is simply missing.
>> Pyunbound works fine (_unbound.so is created). I also checked a couple
>> of repisitories and it seems _unboundmodule is always missing on ubuntu,
>> i saw It's part of the python-unbound package, for e.g. Fedora.
>> Bests,
>> Daniel
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