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Hi Sonic, 

Thank you for your advice. 

I think I will go for the local-zone and local-data solution. 
It is exactly the same as modifying a hosts file and there is no difference between a real registered domain name and a private name, but it seems the simpliest way to achieve my first goal. 

Thanks again. :) 

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> Reachable: 
> - web server from Internet (with either the domain name or the public IP 
> address from the router); 
> - web server from LAN (only with the LAN IP address of my web server). 
> Unreachable: 
> - web server from LAN with it's domain name. 
> Normal, without telling unbound it is a local server. 

Setup unbound with a local-zone and local-data, which will override 
what your Internet facing DNS servers provide (simplest). Or use an 
authoritative server such as NSD for your internal network and set up 
a stub-zone in Unbound. 

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