Unbound 1.6.1 release

W.C.A. Wijngaards wouter at nlnetlabs.nl
Tue Feb 21 14:04:36 UTC 2017


Unbound 1.6.1 is available:
sha256 42df63f743c0fe8424aeafcf003ad4b880b46c14149d696057313f5c1ef51400
pgp https://www.unbound.net/downloads/unbound-1.6.1.tar.gz.asc

This release has the 2017 root trust anchor in unbound-anchor.  Previous
versions should work equally well during root key rollover.  In this new
version, the UDP initialisation attempt will be able to be successful,
instead of having to fall back to fetching the XML.

Compile time changes are --enable-systemd for systemd integration.
contrib/libunbound.pc for pkg-config integration (introduced in 1.6.0)
that could be used by packagers.  The libunbound API has changed
slightly, the callback typedef does not end in _t to make the include
file POSIX compliant.

- configure --enable-systemd and lets unbound use systemd sockets if you
enable use-systemd: yes in unbound.conf. Also there are
contrib/unbound.socket and contrib/unbound.service: systemd files for
unbound, install them in /usr/lib/systemd/system. Contributed by Sami
Kerola and Pavel Odintsov.
- [bugzilla: 1185 ]
  Source IP rate limiting, patch from Larissa Feng.
- [bugzilla: 1184 ]
  Log DNS replies. This includes the same logging information that DNS
queries and response code and response size, patch from Larissa Feng.
- Include root trust anchor id 20326 in unbound-anchor.
- 64bit is default for windows builds.

Bug Fixes
- [bugzilla: 1176 ]
  Fix stack size too small for Alpine Linux.
- Fix unbound-control and ipv6 only.
  [bugzilla: 1182 ]
- Fix Resource leak (socket), at startup.
  [bugzilla: 1178 ]
- Fix attempt to fix setup error at end, pop result values at end of
- iana portlist update
- Fix inet_ntop and inet_pton warnings in windows compile.
- [bugzilla: 1191 ]
  Fix remove comment about view deletion.
- [bugzilla: 1188 ]
  Fix unresolved symbol 'fake_dsa' in libunbound.so when built with Nettle
- [bugzilla: 1190 ]
  Fix to not echo back EDNS options in local-zone error response.
- [bugzilla: 1194 ]
  Fix if cross build fails when $host isn't `uname` for getentropy.
- Fix reload chdir failure when also chrooted to that directory.
- Fix to return formerr for queries for meta-types, to avoid packet
amplification if this meta-type is sent on to upstream.
- [bugzilla: 1201 ]
  Fix missing unlock in answer_from_cache error condition.
- [bugzilla: 1202 ]
  Fix code comment that packed_rrset_data is not always 'packed'.
- Fix to also block meta types 128 through to 248 with formerr.
- [bugzilla: 1206 ]
  Fix that some view-related commands are missing from 'unbound-control -h'
- Fix to rename ub_callback_t to ub_callback_type, because POSIX
reserves _t typedefs.
- Fix to rename internally used types from _t to _type, because _t type
names are reserved by POSIX.
- Increase MAX_MODULE to 16.
- [bugzilla: 1211 ]
  Fix can't enable interface-automatic if no IPv6 with more helpful
error message.
- fix root_anchor test for updated icannbundle.pem lower certificates.
- Fix compile on solaris of the fix to use $host detect.
- Fix for type name change and fix warning on windows compile.
- Fix pythonmod for typedef changes.
- Fix dnstap for warning of set but not used.
- Fix autoconf of systemd check for lack of pkg-config.

Best regards, Wouter

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