Unbound 1.6.1rc2 prerelease

Luiz Fernando Softov fernando at softov.com.br
Tue Feb 14 09:57:10 UTC 2017

I don't know if it's relevant, but in January i have sent a message to the
mailing list
about this.


> Yes, I would like to get the diff file for that patch.  Lower CPU usage
> is nice, and SHM is an interesting construction.  Can you send me the
> diff; or link to the github pull/push thingy that contains the diff (or
> the newest diff if you updated it recently)?
. . .
I put my changes here. https://github.com/softov/unbound

This branch is 1 commit ahead, 12 commits behind NLnetLabs:master.

But, if you need, I can make the update.

>​ ​Depending on how invasive this is, I can put it in the mainline code
>​ ​(optional) or it can be a patch that is available to other users in the
>​ ​contrib directory.

As I said before.

This make 2 SHM instances and I am using the timer to stats-interval to
fill the memory.

I have​ some​ ​daemons, reading this stats​ ​with shmget​ ​each second.
It's been a few​ ​weeks​ since I launched​ ​the last​ ​release​ ​with​
​this changes for my clients.

I have ~2400 clients running my SO, called FreeBRS - Free BrByte Routing
Which is a release based on FreeBSD.
For those clients, the average of requests are between 50 and 1500 per

I all clientes, the CPU consume is 0%, while using my own daemon,
 who use ssl in a tcp connection like unbound-control.
The CPU increase ~3% in my daemon and ~2,5% in unbound.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

> Although there may be an rc3 because of pkg-config vs autoconf problems,
> I don't want to introduce features in rc3; so it'd be there for the
> subsequent release.

I thing there is more to do about, like.
1 - setting variables in conf (I don't know how)
* shm-key: number
* shm-enabled: yes or no
* shm-interval: number, if 0 or null shm will be filled in the timer
 of stat-interval, like i have made, > 0 will be created a reserved timer
 and I don't know how to interact with the base or how much I can change
 because, you know using threads, this can create problems

2 - reset shared memory - zerofill values
3 - A header file.h to be referenced in the binary who is reading this info
like a file with the struct and etc.

For now, I only need the conf options, and I don't know how to make those.

It will be my pleasure to help you in some way.
The Unbound have been helping the community a lot.
Here in Brazil, its used by about 80% of the ISPs.

Thanks for the reply.
Best regards, Softov
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