problems with stub-zones

A. Schulze sca at
Wed Aug 24 18:56:27 UTC 2016

Am 24.08.2016 um 19:05 schrieb Benny Pedersen via Unbound-users:
> On 2016-08-24 10:39, A. Schulze via Unbound-users wrote:
>> forward-zone:
>>     name: ""
>>     forward-addr: ${nameserver1-ip}
>>     forward-addr: ${nameserver2-ip}
> add
> forward-first: yes
> does this fix it ?
> if so its a bug imho ?

reading "man unbound.conf" again and again there are more questions then answers.

       There may be multiple forward-zone: clauses. Each with a name: and zero
       or  more  hostnames or IP addresses.

    same text for stub-zone...

what's the use case for a stub/forward-zone with zero stub/forward-host:  and  stub/forward-addr: ?

stub/forward-first is also confusing to me. default: no = disabled = "do not stub/forward-first" = "stub/forward second" ??
again: it may be helpful to know at least one use case.

stub-zone point to authority servers, forward-zone point to recursive servers.
that mean to me that my current setup is wrong although it's the one that works

while reading the archives I found also that from 2012. Looks really like the same problem!


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