Nailing up TCP connections

A. Schulze sca at
Wed Apr 6 13:06:36 UTC 2016

Noah Robin via Unbound-users:

> In my environment, we have a plant of internal recursive servers for our
> data center and separate plants of authoritative servers; something like
> 65-85% of the traffic outbound from our recursive plants (several hundred
> queries/sec per client machine) is destined for our authoritative plants. I
> ran some quick benchmarks to compare per-query times for TCP-keepalive
> queries vs UDP queries:

why do you have such a high numer of queries resolver -> nameserver?

once a resolver fetched a label it should be cached at the resolver.
and would not benefit from any keepalive.

other options:
- the ttl of labels served by the nameserver is very short and that  
result in fast
   cache expire and need to ask the nameserver again and again

- the resolver get many queries for differenet nonexisting label


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