[Unbound-users] about memory leak? Unbound 1.4.22

Techs_Maru tecabu at gmail.com
Fri May 22 12:36:56 UTC 2015


I have questions about Unbound 1.4.22

I began to use recently Unbound.
before that i was using ISC-BIND.

Unbound to service in a production environment,
It seems like memory leak as the recursive query increases.
Is high and utilization compared to ISC-BIND.
(but,Unbound and ISC-BIND rr-cache-size configure parameter is different.)

Unbound is easy to memory leak?
Or ,Unbound bugs?
Or , It is proportional to the cache size value ?

Now "Resident set size" is about 4GB.

It does parameter tuning is bad?.....

Best regards

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