[Unbound-users] questions/comments: rc.d scripts / chroot requires /etc/resolv.conf?

Jeffrey 'jf' Lim jfs.world at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 04:32:35 UTC 2015

On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 1:53 AM, Tarko Tikan <tarko at lanparty.ee> wrote:

> hey,
>  Hello, anybody?
> We run all our resolvers without resolv.conf in the chroot, no issues.
> Looking at debian init scripts, they also only copy /etc/unbound over to
> chroot.
thanks, Thomas and Tarko. I appreciate the answers.

@Thomas: running unbound with resolv.conf in the chroot seems to work just
fine, hence my question. I'm not so concerned about the difference as I am
about whether unbound works or not. And as my own experience has been,
unbound works without resolv.conf.

@Tarko: that's certainly surprising. Can you check whether the chroot has
/dev/random or /dev/urandom?

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