[Unbound-users] Flavors of unbound - How to choose?

Carsten Strotmann unbound at strotmann.de
Wed Jul 28 12:00:32 UTC 2010


we (Men & Mice) have published an article on how to select between
different "flavors" of unbound compilation.

The article can be found at

> The unbound caching DNS Server can be optimized for various different
> workloads. While most performance optimizations can be done at runtime
> using the configuration file or the unbound-control tool, some more
> basic decisions that influence the performance are done during the
> compile-time of the unbound binaries.
> This article will explain the technical differences of the possible
> "flavors" of unbound and will give proposals under which type of DNS
> workload a specific flavor will perform best.
The article will be kept updated when new versions of unbound are released.

Any feedback and corrections are welcome.

-- Carsten

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