[Unbound-users] basic local zone use case, nslookup good, ping bad

Ben Iggulden ben.iggulden at lastmilexchange.com
Wed Jul 28 04:40:23 UTC 2010

Cancel that !

The system works.  


What vital step did I not perform ?  Restart the DNS then my machine
following changes to the DNS configuration of course.

Surely one of the top 10 reasons why Windows operating systems are so


Props to unbound, setting this up really was easy.


From: Ben Iggulden 
Sent: Wednesday, 28 July 2010 1:25 PM
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Subject: basic local zone use case, nslookup good, ping bad


Hello Unbound Users,


I'm running a server on my home network.  The server runs a wiki and
some other things.  I often work on a laptop which is sometimes
connected to the local network and sometimes external to it.

So I'd like the same URL to resolve no matter which network I happen to
be on at the time.  i.e. If I'm at home the IP is (the
local one) and if I'm not then I need


Enter 'unbound' which I installed to help me with this problem.  

I've told the local network router that the machine running unbound is
the primary DNS:

My servers.conf file:





access-control: allow

do-not-query-localhost: no

local-zone: "dev.lastmilexchange.com." redirect

local-data: "dev.lastmilexchange.com. IN A"


local-data-prt: " homedns"


server: div-anchor-file: "C:\[etc]"


And when I try to use this, nslookup is grand but ping is not.  Using
the browser to go to the wiki seems to suffer the same problem ping
does, though if I hit it via the local IP it's all good.


C:\>nslookup dev.lastmilexchange.com

Server:  homedns



Name:    dev.lastmilexchange.com




C:\>ping dev.lastmilexchange.com


Pinging dev.lastmilexchange.com [] with 32 bytes of data:


Destination host unreachable.

Destination host unreachable.

Destination host unreachable.

Destination host unreachable.


Ping statistics for

    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),


Ps. All machines here are windows.  Yeh, I know.

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